Are you thinking about opening up a good sports bar, or just looking for clues to how to find out what the best place would be for you and your friends to watch the game on Saturday? Well, there are several tell-tale signs that the sports bar you are in is just the place you have been looking for. Here they are.

Five of the most important clues


There are things that make a sports bar good, and others that point out to the fact that the place is excellent. The latter kind of venue certainly has:

  • Lots of the best TVs to be found on the market today. The exact number of TV sets that are to be expected depends on the size of the place, naturally, but what is important for them is to provide the best quality of picture possible. Crispy clean colors and enough width of the screen are of paramount importance so that patrons can enjoy the game with ease from every angle.

  • Location, location, location. Naturally, there should be many sports fans living in the area that the bar is open. Potential owners think about their target audience, so places near college and university campuses are often chosen. There should be good public transport links, because no one in their right mind goes to a sports bar to drink water and then drive home, right?

  • Not every game captures the attention of the sports bar patrons all the time. Not to mention that there are no games every night, so a good sports bar has a lot of bar games available on location for visitors to enjoy during their drinks – darts, pool, video games and table football are among the most popular options.

  • The food – it is estimated that at average, a patron spends as many as four hours at a sports bar. So, the really good establishments offer a choice of bar food that is not only suitable for the type of place, but it is also of a satisfactory quality. Popcorn is a must, but burgers, pizzas and even cooked meals would be viable options.

  • The decor is also quite important. A good sports bar manifests its true nature the moment a person steps into it, and this is done via the decor. If it is frequented by fans of a specific sport – and most often than not, a particular club – the decoration reflects it. This fact demonstrates that the owner knows the people who come in most often, which is important – it shows attention to detail.

And a few bonus clues to look out for

Other things that people look for in a sports bar they are attending include good quality of service, which is easily identifiable on the get-go, as well as adequate quality for price ratio when it comes to the price of the food and drinks being offered. Good beer on tab is also a must. The richer the choice is, the better.

inside look of a sports bar

A good sports bar is easy to spot

table full of food at a sports bar

Good food is important for every sports bar