Food is big business. Whether you want to cater to your everyday needs or satisfy an urge for a hearty meal at the local gastronomic hotspot, you will find yourself hungry more often than not. Restaurants in the United States have been proliferating at a heady pace. Foodies have in turn been frequenting all venues with equal zeal and tasting new treats to their palate’s content. Whole media outlet have thrown their weight to champion the eating dens that are worthy of attention and scrappy customers have been quick to mash keys and lambast those restaurants that they feel have not quite lived up to their expectations. 


Enjoying a Healthy Meal in the Best Japanese Traditions 


Las Vegas is an exciting place to be. Daytime in the city seems like a preparation for what is to follow in the evening. Casinos are buzzing and whirring with dashed hopes and the eventual big pot of winnings. With the Tetsu restaurant chain and eat ravenous competitors are now conferring a new fame to the city, that of a secret and attractive paradise for food lovers.  

You will be sucked in by the subtle charm that restaurants throughout the city offer. Of course, there are the flamboyant watering halls that serve meats and the more subtle ones that cater to those quiet-seeking visitors who have a long night out.  

Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill, Caesar's Palace Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas Stands Out with its Subtle Everyday Charm

Gordon Ramsay Pub and Grill, Caesar’s Palace Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas Stands Out with its Subtle Everyday Charm 

Whether you are looking for extravagance or well-tamed elegance, Las Vegas has certainly something to offer when it comes to food spots. Recently, the New York Times published a review about a Tetsu in Las Vegas 

Particularly elegant and reserved when it comes to interior showiness, this venue caters to the errant food-lover and the committed and well-seasoned connoisseur. The restaurant offers a whimsical menu of salads, which it calls slaws. These green treats come with a versatility of tastefully cooked ingredients, such as kale and burdock, with an addition of lemongrass dressing and other delicate treats that the induce profuse salivating. 

Tetsu should be all due credit for being able to cater to the more quotidian picks as well. If you fancy yourself a burger, you may experience the juicy offer that the joint has to offer to the sworn fast-food lover. Only this time, it all comes with unparalleled charm that smacks of healthy food choices all over. 

Las Vegas has quite a bit to offer: Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen & Bar - burger and wings.

Las Vegas has quite a bit to offer: Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen & Bar – burger and wings. 


The Sports Bar Trend – Here to Stay 


Sports bars are an interesting new phenomenon across the United States. You may ironically point out to the common blank statement that we at the United States do not take fondly to exercise. While this is partly true, there is also a rather excellent explanation for that. We love our food. Fast food or otherwise, it is tasty. We pay tribute to our own meals quite a bitand there is hardly any shame in that. Conversely, we do like sports. In a common spark of American ingenuity we have decided to combine our proclivity for a good bite and less professed love for sports. 

The upshot is that sports bars are trending all across the country. For the sake of honesty, we ought to say that when we say that we love sports, we do not necessarily mean that we like participating. However, we have a rather strong desire to watch televised sports and hence these venues.  

Before the evening sports frenzy ensues

Before the evening sports frenzy ensues 

Admittedly, 9 times out of 10 we will opt for social gathering at the local watering hole and mingle with the crowds so that we may share the triumph of a local sports team. And the nation stands tall and proud of sports. Emotions get rather heated around the time of the Super Bowl and we flock to our sports bars as a sort of modern-time Mecca, a place to pay homage to our own great desire to satiate our appetite for food, drink and what transpires on the pitch. 

If you are particularly inclined on living through the fans’ buzz, you may want to hunt down some of the United States’ best sports bar. We have compiled a short list of the top 10 venues: 

  1. Heroes Sports Bar & Grille Mobile – Decked out with TV sets in every nook and cranny, here is a sports bar that you will remember and want to come back to! 
  1. Rock Bottom American Pub, Montgomery – Burgers for $15 a pop and all sorts of past-time activities supplemented by 30-ish HDTVs, yes please. 
  1. Arizona’s Blue 32 Sports Grill, Scottsdale – You will never miss a single moment from the game as the bar has screens from top to bottom! 
  1. Arkansas’ Zack’s Place, Little Rock – Cheap and homely, this bar draws sports fans en masse when sports action is playing. 
  1. California’s Big Wangs Los Angeles – Sandwiches that cram greenery and meat, you can kickback and enjoy yourself the consummate experience. 
  1. Colorado’s Legends of Aurora, Aurora – Here comes an offer that strives to satiate your hunger and appetite for sport and food. Only this time, it is gluten-free. 
  1. Connecticut’s Pippa’s Sports Café, Danbury – A place to mingle with sports fans from all ages, the Pippa’s Sports Café is laidback and a hot spot for sports fans. 
  1. Delaware’s Tailgates Sports Bar and Grill, Newark – What an excellent opportunity for sports buffs to enjoy the game in the company of high-resolution TVs. 
  1. Florida’s AJ’s Tallahassee – Comes with an overwhelming portfolio of 50 TVs and you will be quite pleased to explore all possibilities at once. 
  1. Hawaii’s The Shack Waikiki, Honolulu – A whimsical place for a whimsical place. Yes, Hawaii is not known for its love for hassle-free existence. Hawaiians also enjoy sharing in the triumph of their favorite sport teams. 

In a word, there are many possibilities for those who seek them to enjoy a healthy bite and witness their team claim the summits of sport.