You have always been looking for a nice Greek restaurant to try out some of delicious and tasty Greek dishes. Greeks are known for having a rich culinary tradition 


Here are few tips on how to recognize a nice Greek restaurant. 

The atmosphere 

As soon as you walk through the door, you will be mesmerized by the smell and sounds of a Greek culture in the restaurant. You will feel a strong smell of meat, greens, olives, and other ingredients of delicious Greek dishes. And don’t expect silence in there. Greeks are known to enjoy their food and spend hours after their meal talking and having a great time. Even though the restaurant is not in Greece, you will definitely feel that relaxed and jolly atmosphere. However, don’t confuse atmosphere with décor. Décor can affect the atmosphere but it isn’t strictly necessary in order to provide an excellent Greek dining experience. 

The staff 

Perhaps you expect Greek staff serving Greek food. But this doesn’t have to be the case in order for you to feel the Greek spirit in your favorite Greek restaurant. But what you do expect is that the staff knows what they are serving. They should be able to recommend you food combos, describe the ingredients of certain dishes and be able to answer any questions you may have. They have to be familiar with everything related to the restaurant, food and Greece! This is the way to make a positive impact on your customers. The goal is to learn something about the Greek culture. For example, you will order an appetizer or as they call it the mezethes. A knowledgeable staff will introduce you to Greek customs and Greek history by explaining what the mezethes are and when they consume them. They are late afternoon refreshments made of bread, dips, cheese, vegetables, etc. You will appreciate their capability to make a night out productive and interesting. 


greek tavern


Authentic Greek food and ingredients 

You expect authentic Greek food in a restaurant. It doesn’t matter if the dishes are simple or fancy as long as they serve authentic Greek dishes. The menu must offer some of the most popular Greek dishes including mezethes, moussaka, baklava, Souvlaki, Fassolakia Lathera, and many more. Meat, fish and seafood play an important role in Greek cuisine. And fresh fruit and vegetable along different spices (olives, garlic, oregano) should be included as well. If you see these on the menu then you know that you will enjoy some of the famous and tasty Greek dishes. 

Flavor and aroma 

The dishes are authentic, the ingredients are there and the atmosphere is great thanks to knowledgeable staff that is happy to serve you. Now it is time to taste the food. Your tiropites are crispy, tzatziki has an amazing texture and the fish maridha is lightly fried. Perfection! The combination of different ingredients put together exceeds your expectations! The aroma and the flavor make up a powerful combination your senses enjoy. You have found your favorite Greek restaurant you will love to visit.