If you think that being on a diet is terrible, try dining out when you are dieting. It can be a struggle to stick to your healthy low-cal and low-fat eating regiment when the waiter tells you that tonight’s special is a juicy steak. But even if you do survive this stage of the dining-out experience without drooling, you will certainly breakdown when your friends start to order various delicious dishes which should currently be off-limits to you. That is exactly why some people decide to stop eating in restaurants during the time they are on a diet. However, taking socializing and dining out off of your menu will only make the entire dieting ordeal even more excruciating for you. Do not do that to yourself. If you don’t want to cheat on your diet when you go to a restaurant just make sure you: 

  • Sit in a quieter area; 
  • Order the right things at the right time; 
  • Are careful with the salads; 

Does that make any sense to you? No? Let us explain everything in detail. 


Improve your strategy 

Do not walk into a restaurant without having a good strategy. A really good game plan you can use is to familiarize yourself with the menu in advance. These days, every top restaurant that services excellent food posts its menu on its website. It may take you ages before you pick a diet-friendly dish on the spot. So, you should prepare yourself before you get to the restaurant. Once there, pick a table that is away from the TV, crowds or even windows. It is scientifically proven that people eat more when they are distracted by their surroundings. Another thing you should do is to be the first from your group to order. In that way, you will not be tempted to have whatever your friends are having.  


Consider the preparation method 

Some cooking techniques are healthier compared to others. If you are planning to eat meat, make sure it is not fried but grilled, roasted or broiled. Steamed dishes can also be very low in calories. Whatever you do, never order deep-fried meals 


Quinoa and veggie salad

Pictured: Quinoa and veggie salad 


Avoid entrees 

Entrees are served in bigger portions compared to starters. Therefore, you can order two starters instead of one starter and an entrée. Salads are also a great idea if you are on a diet. However, do remember that not all salad options are diet-friendly. For instance, some of them come with high-fat dressing or with a generous topping that includes bacon, cheese, croutons, noodles or eggs. These salads taste great but they will not help you lose weight. Try having a salad that has a lot of greens and vegetables in it. If you are not a big fan of rabbit food, order something more nutrient like a quinoa and grilled veggies salad, for example. Salads that have vinaigrettes as a dressing are also very low-cal.  

The keyword which you should always keep at the back of your mind when you are on a diet and you dine out is “moderation.” You can order whatever you feel like eating, as long as it comes in a small portion.