More and more people in the US are going out to eat, instead of staying home and cooking. But there are reasons not only to go to restaurants, but also to drop by your local sports bar every once in a while to have a good time. If you are looking for some inspiration and a reason to get out of the couch and in the open, here are several of those happy happenings that you will appreciate even more if you find the right surroundings to mark them at. 


Your favorite team has a big game tonight 

This is a bit of a no-brainer, but we cannot go without mentioning it. If you want to experience an exciting game in the best way possible, apart from being right there on the stadium cheering with the crowd, there is no better way to do it than to go to a sports bar with some friends. A few beers and like-minded fans with whom to share your support for the local club will certainly enhance the experience. Just remember to make a reservation well in advance, because sports bars tend to be over-booked, especially before big games. 


If you want to play some games 

Among the most common features of a sports bar, apart from the big screen TVs where games are played, are various so called bar-games that are easily enjoyed by both pro-players and amateurs. Among those are: 

  • Darts 
  • Pool 
  • Table soccer 
  • Play-station and Xbox games 

If you are bored on a week-night and want to do something fun, why not call some friends up and drop by the nearest bar for a session of pool and a couple of beers. It will not exhaust you that much that you will not feel well next day at work, but at the same time it will not be as unproductive as sitting on the couch binge-watching that one favorite show of yours that you already know every episode of by heart. 

Darts is the ultimate bar game

Darts is the ultimate bar game 


To hang out with friends you kind of lost touch with 


Have a friend you have not heard of in a million years? Want to reconnect, but you do not feel like inviting them over to your house might be a good idea, because that would be a bit awkward? Well, why not choose neutral territory like the bar around the corner? There you will be able to catch up on your lives without putting too much pressure on one another, in the company of good drinks and nice atmosphere. And if it turns out that you actually no longer have much to say to one another, you can still enjoy your drinks, or break the ice by playing a game a darts or something. In any way, it will be much better than staring at one another not knowing what to say. 

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