No matter whether going to a restaurant is a special occasion for you, or you are one of those people who do not make a big fuzz of eating out several times a week, there are some things that you should know about visiting dining establishments, especially when it comes to the etiquette and what is expected of you… not to do. We are here to help you with those things. 


The most basic of no-no’s – never do that 

We hope that you never do any of those things – and if you do, we’d recommend that you stop immediately, because they are indeed pretty rude: 

  • Do not be late for your reservation, or never show up. It will not be an exaggeration to say that people’s livelihoods depend on you keeping the appointments that you make. So, it would be extremely rude of you not to honor a reservation that you have made, no matter whether it was for your local haunt or to a Michelin-star restaurant.  
  • Do not stare at your phone the whole time. Dining out is a social occasion and it should be treated as such, so paying more attention to your dining companion, as well as the servers at the restaurant should be of a higher priority to you than checking your social media accounts every minute. 
  • Directly related to the previous point, you should never, and we mean ever, be rude to your waiter, no matter what the situation is. Thank your waiter as well as the restaurant’s host on your way in and out, and keep your good manners at all times throughout your dining experience. It will enhance it for you, as well as anyone involved in it. You know the old saying about how you can spot a two-faced person: if they are polite to you and rude to the waiter. It is absolutely true, and your attitude towards the serving staff tells a lot about yourself as a person.  
  • Unless you are asked, do not try to help your server by taking glasses and dishes out of their hands. It is their job to do and you meddling can only lead to something getting wrong. 


people are constantly being distracted by their smartphones during dinner


Caption: Using your phone throughout dinner is a rude thing to do 


More important rules for you when you are at a restaurant 


Additional things that you need to keep in mind while you are dining out at a restaurant with family and friends include one golden rule – do not suffer in silence. If there is something wrong, be quick to point it out, so that the staff at the establishment  can fix it right away. There is really no point in spoiling your meal and not let anyone know about it.  

Do not forget to tip. Most servers actually make even below minimal wage, so tipping generously when you are happy with the service that you have received is actually a guarantee that you will get the same attention next time that you are at the restaurant in question. 

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