Let’s face it – everyone loves a good glass of beer after a hard day at work. The so-called “craft-beer” culture has now become more of a thing in the United States, and people often prefer to pay a little extra for a balanced, good and strong taste than to shop for generic brands at the supermarket. It is common knowledge that beer goes great with tasty food and is the ideal complement to a nice meal – by yourself or in the company of friends and loved ones. So, the question is what food pairs best with beer? Sometimes, the answer to that question depends on a person’s own tastes and preferences. However, there are few beer-food pairings with which you can never go wrong. They are classic combos which will perfectly complement each other.


A good lager will always benefit from fried fish tacos

There was a time when craft beer was considered a “heavy” for the general drinker but this is no longer the case. There are many American Pale Lagers that you are going to love without getting light-headed in the process of enjoying them. If you are in the mood to grab a bite while enjoying your pale ale, then you should opt for the fried-fish tacos.


An IPA and well-cooked meat

If you enjoy Indian Pale Ale, then you should consider ordering a double along with a  serving of the celebrated Carne Asada con Mojo – a classic Latin American beef meal that has a strong taste of citrus, lime and char that are perfectly complemented by tasty IPA.


If you are in the mood for a Dark Lager

Dark lager is a staple for the colder months of the year but the fact of the matter is that you can enjoy it all year round. Not only that but it is the perfect choice for those of us who enjoy having some tasty chicken for dinner. Try a glass of Dark Lager along with some chicken enchilada and thank us later.


Saison if the sea calls out to you

American cuisine makes great use of seafood of all sorts. No matter whether you are in the mood for some old-fashioned paella, or you feel brave enough to order a seafood platter, one thing is certain – a bottle of Saison should be on your list of orders too. We particularly recommend one of the following breweries that supply all the good restaurants around:


  • Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project;
  • Side Project Brewing;
  • Logsdon Farmhouse Ales;
  • Grassroots Brewing;
  • Casey Brewing & Blending;


On a side note, know that if you ever find yourself in the area of Fishtown in the beautiful city of Philadelphia, you will have the amazing opportunity to  enjoy the best beer and food pairings one can imagine at none other place but The Mad Rex – a restaurant where customer satisfaction and impeccable taste are held to a very high regard by everyone who works there. That will be the ideal place for you, no matter whether you are a beer lover or not.


Good food and beer

Pictured: Good food and beer is a match made in Heaven