People who work in bars as bartenders face different difficulties. Bartenders are known to work hard and have a lot of responsibilities. They have long shifts and have to be multi-taskers. But when it comes to juggling time between tending a bar and their families and kids, it can be challenging to find the balance. 


Enjoy the time together 

Time is precious and that is the only thing that you cannot bring back. Therefore, make the best use of it so you don’t regret it later. It is your day off so do whatever you can to relax and enjoy with your family and kids. Leave the worries behind. Put a smile on your face and remember how much your family means to you. Forget about your phone. Forget about TV. Go outside for a walk or grab bite. You can stay indoors and play with toys, read books, make pancakes. The key is to spend some quality time and prioritize. 

Don’t blame yourself 

Sometimes you blame yourself for not spending enough time home with you family. But before you start to do that, just think about why you are working. You have to pay bills, get the food on the table, save money for a vacation and other. It is the income you need in order to live. Bartending is a difficult job but it also flexible where you can earn a decent amount of money. As soon as you stop blaming yourself, you will be more productive at work and make time for your family. 

Stay connected 

Bartending job requires paying attention to your customers, but you can always find a few minutes to make a call and see how everyone’s doing. Once you learn that everything’s fine, you can focus on your work at the bar. You can make a call, snap a picture or Facetime with your family. You will feel like you are not missing much if you stay connected during your shift.  

Be efficient 

Being organized and doing your job right is directly related to spending more time with your family. You might wonder why. This means that if you take care of all your bar tasks on time, you won’t need to spend unnecessary time at the end of your shift on restocking the straws or cleaning the counters. You can go home knowing everything is ready for a new work day. 


Have some me-time 

Taking care of yourself is the best gift you can give to yourself and people around you. This means that you need to spend some time alone, to energize, rest and relax, in order to be more effective and happier. You become tired and stressed-out since bartending is responsible job and trying to be there for your partner and your kids can be overwhelming. Everybody needs some time alone to rest their mind. Once you have some time for yourself, you will be more productive at work and have more energy when playing with your kids.