Summer is indeed one of the best seasons of the year but it also comes with some problems. Keeping cool in the hottest months, while at the same time not making compromises with your favorite dietary habits, e.g. eating well, is a very hard task. So, what if we told you that there is a way to eat well, and at the same time have less of a tough time cooling your body? There are things that you can do.


Good eating in summer that will help you

Follow the tips described below and you will be surprised by the results you are going to achieve. Not only will stay well-fed and have the chance to enjoy all your meals, but you will stay in shape and feel much more energized than usual when the temperatures skyrocket.

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables are your friends – We are not saying that you should give up on your favorite steak and fries, but adding seasonal fruit and vegetables such as cucumbers, lettuce, citruses, watermelon and berries to your diet will have a rather beneficial effect on your overall well-being, as well as on the way you feel about your body in summer. Juicy fruit and vegetables will also keep you hydrated.
  • Fish and seafood – According to ancient Chinese wisdom, products such as fish and shellfish are cold in nature. This means that when you consume them, even after cooking, the negative effects of heat are immediately removed from your body. Even if that is not one hundred percent true, seafood is generally lighter and you will avoid overeating on it.
  • Spice your food and drink hot tea – Even though this might sound counter-intuitive, eating spicy food and drinking hot tea is helping your body to cool down. This is achieved by bringing you to the heat threshold and making your pores open. It is no coincidence that some of the hottest countries in the world shy away from alcohol and have tea as their national drink.
  • It is time to drink more water – avoid soft drinks in favor of water. There are many good reasons a glass of water is better than a can of soda, and the better long-term cooling qualities of the good plain H20 are just added to all other health benefits you will reap if you finally start following your doctor’s advice.


The way you get your food prepared is important too

Spending a couple of hours every day in the kitchen, hunched over the stove and oven, especially in the hottest weeks of summer, can be genuinely exhausting and frankly bad for your health. However, healthy tasty food needs processing. So, avoiding the heat in the kitchen by going out for a meal more often might be a good idea. In case you are in Philadelphia, and especially in the vicinity of the neighborhood of Fishtown, you cannot go wrong by making a visit to The Mad Rex a regular occurrence. The rich menu, great service and unique atmosphere in this restaurant will make it worth your while.

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