If you want to become the favorite client in your local bar and to enjoy a VIP treatment from the bartender, there are certain etiquette rules that you have to follow. Knowing those things and adhering to them is actually going to make your overall bar-experience much more enjoyable too. So, without further ado, let’s get down to the topic at hand.  


What you say and do not say 

If you do not know what you want to drink, there is actually one thing that you should never say to the bartender: “Surprise me.” This is only making their lives harder, and chances are that they do not know your taste and preferences. This means that you will probably end up with a drink you will not really like. Instead, you can ask for a recommendation based on your preferred type of alcohol. For example, ask for a cocktail that: 

  • Contains your favorite type of alcohol; 
  • Goes well with the dish you have ordered; 
  • Comes with an impressive presentation; 

A simple pointer like this is definitely going to help your bartender come up with a recipe that you are going to like.  


Be patient, do not interrupt  

There is simple etiquette when ordering drinks on a busy night. If there are too many people in the bar, chances are that your bartender will have much on their plate and they will not be able to take your order immediately. Instead of trying to get their attention by waving hands (or even worse, money), shouting and interrupting a conversation that they are having with another patron, just keep your cool. Your turn will come eventually, and in the meantime, you can enjoy the ambience of the place or to just enjoy the music.  

Using the right etiquette while ordering will make your drink much more enjoyable

Caption: Using the right etiquette while ordering will make your drink much more enjoyable 


Be respectful 

One of the biggest mistakes that you can make in regard to your interactions with the bartender serving you is confusing their politeness with flirting. Sure enough, there might be exceptions to that rule – there might be a bartender that really has the hots for you, but in most cases, they are just trying to make your time at the bar as pleasant as possible. So, be respectful and do not forget that while you are out partying and enjoying yourself, the person preparing and serving your drinks is actually working.  


Tips are important too 

There is a popular misconception that a dollar tip per drink is more than enough. While this might be true in some cases – for example, when you are drinking beer – this rule does not apply to those instances when you go for the $15 cocktail. A firm 20tip is expected if you want to show appreciation for the hard work your bartender has done preparing your drink. 

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