If you are wondering what to do next Friday night, why don’t you just grab a few friends and explore these great places to go out to in Philadelphia. They will be great for a casual night out, a pleasant conversation with your buddies and it will involve food and drinks that you are all going to love. Last, but not least – these places which we are about to explore now, will offer you some good vibes that will keep you and your friends energized for days to come.  


Philadelphia is home to a number of hidden gems perfect for you 

Fiume should be in the top half of your list. If you have never been to this little treasure of a dive-bar, you might have a hard time finding it, but with the wonders of modern technology, this is not going to be such a problem. Located at the end of a narrow staircase, Fiume is on the small-end when it comes to bar size, but the good thing about it is that it is actually holding a selection of beers that is more versatile than that in most larger such establishments that you can find in town. A bonus feature is the wonderful Ethiopian restaurant right across the street – Abyssinia, which we encourage you to stop by in case you’d like to grab a bite before you start trying out the beers selection at Fiume.  

The Ranstead Room, located on 2013 Ranstead St, is another hidden gem that you are probably going to like a lot. It is a speakeasy-style bar that holds the spirit of days long gone when getting a drink was more of an adventure than a casual experience. The place is very intimate and serves a rich variety of cocktails that are designed to appeal to every taste. It is the perfect spot to bring a date when you want to avoid the cliché of dinner and a movie. Do not worry if the space is full – just give your name to the host and you will get a text the minute a spot frees up. Nothing better than great customer care, right? 

When looking for a casual place for a night out in Philly, you would want it to offer: 

  • Easy access; 
  • Reasonable prices; 
  • Good service; 
  • A versatile menu and a nice selection of quality drinks; 
  • A captivating atmosphere and a pinch of history; 

The spots that we have taken the time to describe below will deliver all those things and more, so just keep reading.  

If you are in the beer-loving group, you are going to love the American Sardine Bar in Point Breeze. They hold a selection of 15 beers on tap and 50 more bottled, but the really nice thing is that the menu changes on a regular basis, so it is your best bet if you are looking to try something new. And don’t forget to give the famous $2 sardine sandwich the place is actually famous for a try. The American Sardine Bar’s best feature is indeed the open backyard where you can enjoy a balanced tasty menu (vegetarian and vegan options included) and a drink in a serene atmosphere that will definitely make you forget the earthly troubles that you have on your mind.  

Speakeasy-style bars are popular with the crowd in Philly

PicturedSpeakeasystyle bars are popular with the crowd in Philly 


The Mad Rex – an innovative place in the heart of Fishtown 

Our own The Mad Rex should be among the first choices for a casual night out, no matter whether you are looking for a spot to mingle with interesting people, catch up with good friends or have a lovely time with a special someone. In addition to the great menu and the exquisite service, The Mad Rex has the first and the best Virtual Reality Lounge in Philly.  


Food and drink sales in bars and taverns in the United States from 2009 to 2017 

Year  Food & Drink Sales (in billion USD) 
2009  18.47 
2010  17.76 
2011  18.32 
2012  18.95 
2013  19.4 
2014  19.94 
2015  19.27 
2016  19.91 
2017  19.8 



The list goes on and on 

Additional options that we would like to bring your attention to, such that are going to make your night out in Philadelphia more pleasant than anything you’ve experienced up to this point, also include the celebrated Franklin Bar. It might give you the feel of being more upscale and tight-up than what you have been looking for but the truth is that Franklin Bar is a really casual place. The upstairs of the bar is tiki-style and fun, while the downstairs is dim-lit and much more intimate and romantic. So, this place can actually serve a double purpose. The drinks menu is constantly changing, and in the past few years, it has rotated as many as 500 items. Impressive, right?  

You have probably heard about that one special available in watering holes all over Philly – the $3 shot and a beer combo. You may have even made use of it on multiple occasions when enjoying good times with your friends, but have you ever been to the very place that started this tradition? We are, of course talking about Bob and Barbara’s Cocktail Lounge. The Citywide Special, or simply The Special, started selling in 1994 and the bar itself dates back to 1969. Its interior hasn’t changed much since, which is yet another reason to drop by and experience an atmosphere that you can find hardly anywhere else in the city in the 21st century. 

East Passyunk


If you are looking for European-style service and menu, then you should definitely try the seasonal French menu at Townsend. The reason – the venue has been earning rave reviews all over the internetEast Passyunk is where you are going to find this spot which holds a great selection of wines and has a restaurant that is open six nights a week until 2 am. So, if you are looking for a place in which have a drink after a long day at work, or after a casual dinner out in town, then this one will be more than perfect for you.  


A night out in the city will end best at a good bar

Pictured: A night out in the city will end best at a good bar