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Road Warrior

Tequila, orange juice, pineapple juice,
jalapeno simple syrup, blackberry
brandy float, fresh jalapeno,
flamed orange swath


Wasted Apple

Vodka, apple cider, cinnamon nutmeg
simple syrup, apple liquor with
a macerated apple slice


Mad Mehmet

Woodford bourbon, apple cider,
apple cider vinegar, cinnamon
simple syrup, dash of hot sauce,
bitters, macerated apple slice



Stateside vodka, citrus liquor,
fresh lime, & passion fruit puree,
jalapeno simple syrup, lime twist



Bluecoat gin, elderflower liquor,
fresh lemon juice, pomegranate juice,
herb honey simple syrup, rosemary sprig


The Gryphon (serves 2)

Don Q Anejo rum, Barrows ginger liquor,
Don Q spiced rum, cherry shrub, lime &
pineapple juice, candy top, cherries


Flame Thrower

Vodka infused with pineapples & cucumbers,
mint, lime, pineapple juice, flaming lime


Smoking Gun Shot

Johnnie Walker Black Scotch, Cinnamon
simple syrup orange liquor, bellowing
smoke, sprig of thyme


Parties of 6 or more will be charged a 20% gratuity.
For groups of 10 or more please see Group and Special Events under events to better accommodate you and your guests.