If your birthday is approaching and you wonder how to mark the occasion, there are quite a few options that you have before you. The thing is that if you are bored by the idea of the good, old-time house party, or you just would like to avoid the many responsibilities that go with organizing an event of such nature, then the best option that you have before you to invite your friends over to a local bar that you like spending time at and they are going to love to. Here are several things that you can do at a bar that are going to contribute to the good time that both you and your guests are going to have at such a place. 


Activities that you can conduct at a bar 

Bars are extremely popular for a variety of reasons, with the variety of so called bar-games available at such establishments being among the most popular reasons. You and your guests may indulge in a variety of activities that will make your birthday a very pleasant experience that you are going to have tons of excellent memories from such as: 

  • Table soccer 
  • Darts 
  • Pool 
  • Video games 

Enjoy them with a pint of lager and a bowl of pop-corn and you will have a leisurely and quite nice birthday without having to go through the ordeal of planning, preparations and then cleaning your house – all those unpleasant things that you will have to deal with if you have had the party at your place. 


Enjoy a night out in a special atmosphere 

Bars have specific decoration, furniture and overall atmosphere that make them much more suitable for parties of all sorts, including birthday parties than any conventional home. Matched with a nice service, good classical bar food and the special attention that you are going to experience once the staff learn that you have a birthday is going to make for a very special night that you will be glad to have decided to spend with your loved ones at a bar. 


Mark the occasion with a game of your favorite team 

Sports bars are a special type of place that are the haunts of people who love watching baseball, football and many other sports that are best enjoyed in a good company of like-minded individuals. If it happens so that your favorite team is having a game at the very same date that you are born on, it will be a very good idea to have your birthday party at a sports bar of the kind that we talk about here, especially if the majority of your friends happen to be fans of the sport in question. A sports bar is going to provide you with everything necessary to have a really good time – not only the service and the drinks, but also the many wide-screen TVs that will enable you not to miss a second of the game, as well as the best atmosphere to mark the occasion of your birth, as well as the triumph of your home team.  

If you are looking for a bar to celebrate your birthday at, and you happen to be in the vicinity of Fishtown, Philadelphia, then you should definitely give the Mad Rex a try.  

birthday card

A birthday is a special occasion and it should be marked properly 


a bar - still the best place to celebrate your birthday at

A good bar is the perfect place to mark your birthday at