The best part of the week is going out on a Friday night with your friends to your favorite bar. It is your special way to relax, have a beer or two, try out some snacks on the menu and just enjoy the company of the people around you. Even if you don’t drink alcohol, you will love the food offered at the bar. Grilled or fried, we are certain you will find your favorite delicious snack on your all-time favorite bar’s menu that will soak up your booze and make you feel good. Here is a list of the best bar snacks all food aficionados adore.

Chicken wings

If there’s one thing American chefs know how to cook, it is chicken wings prepared in different ways. Dried, wet or stuffed, accompanied with the most delicious sauces and flavors you can think of – who can resist a portion of hot chicken wings with a glass of beer in their local bar? You can try whole chicken wings in the garlic parmesan sauce or perhaps you prefer wings marinated in Mad Rex hot sauce. Either way, real wings aficionados know that they are an elegant appetizer that pairs perfectly with beer.


Onion rings

Almost all popular bars have onion rings dipped in secret batters included on their menu. Those that don’t – well, we can only say that onion rings are sometimes criminally underrated! Fried to perfection to achieve the right crunchy coating, they come with various dressings for dipping. Served fresh and hot, crispy baked onion rings are one of the most popular snacks served in bars all over the world.


Good old Nachos

Nachos are hands down the best bar snack ever. And we say this without exaggerating. We would enjoy ingredients such as:


  • just the right amount of cheese (multiplied by three);
  • juicy cream;
  • fresh tomatoes;
  • spicy jalapeños;


We’ll take all of that accompanied with a margarita, of course. No wonder why nachos are one of the best bar snacks. Who else is hungry?


Fried olives

Fried olives have become a popular bar snack only recently. And we are not clear why this happened only recently. Since a perfect combination of crunchiness, sourness and sweetness hits all the right buttons of even the pickiest foodies, we would have preferred enjoying them much earlier. Juicy olives wrapped in the fried coating are just the right thing to cut through your next beer.


Hush puppies

Deep-fried or baked balls of cornmeal batter and spices, hush puppies are a favorite bar snack for so many bar visitors. Shaped into golf-ball-sized portions, their presentation is just one of the reasons why they are becoming a more and more popular dish served in bars. Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, along with tartar sauce maybe, hush puppies will become one of your favorite delicious snacks between beers.

Form classic to unusual and new, bar snacks between sips of cold beer are an inevitable part of a good night out a bar. Classic chicken wings, fresh hush puppies or fried olives – the best bar snacks will soak up the alcohol, keep you on your feet and please your palate. But do not limit yourself only to them. There are many other delicious bar food options out there, many of which are available at Philadelphia’s Mad Rex. Don’t believe us? Go and see for yourself.